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From International to Local

Houston Proud.

The journey begins with sourcing the finest Arabica Beans. The meticulous selection process sources the finest beans from renowned coffee regions worldwide. We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing practices to ensure that each bean meets our quality standards and contributes to a positive impact on coffee-growing communities.

We proudly continue the journey in our hometown of Houston, crafting the perfect blend in East Downtown. With a deep understanding of coffee profiles and flavor profiles, our expert roasters carefully craft a blend that embodies richness, complexity, and a distinctive character. Each batch is meticulously roasted to enhance the beans' natural flavors, creating a foundation for either an exceptional cold brew experience or whole bean moment. 

When making our cold brew concentrate, the freshly roasted beans  undergo precision grinding, where they are ground to the ideal consistency for cold brewing. This step is crucial in extracting the optimal flavors and aromas while maintaining a smooth and balanced taste profile. The ground Arabica beans then undergo a patented process, which includes gently steeping the roasted coffee for 12-24 hours in triple filtered water to ensure only the purest quality! This results in a smooth, low-acid concentrate with a naturally sweet finish. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced techniques enable us to maintain consistency and quality throughout the concentration process. The final concentrate is packaged in convenient, airtight containers to preserve freshness and flavor.

Quality or Nothing.

Turning the ordinary, into extraordinary.

From a simple bean, to a high-grade product, our commitment to quality extends to rigorous quality assurance protocols. Each batch of cold brew concentrate undergoes comprehensive testing and analysis to ensure adherence to our strict quality standards. From flavor profiles to shelf stability, every aspect is meticulously evaluated to deliver a superior product.

Excellence Never Sleeps. Good Thing We Make Coffee!

An all inclusive product.

The result of our meticulous processes are bags full of premium blends and cases of select cold brew concentrate that embody the essence of MAVEN. Whether our beans are used to create unmatched lattes in restaurant or our cold brew is enjoyed on its own over ice at home or in a bar, used as a versatile mixer for signature coffee creations, our products promise a consistently exceptional coffee experience, sip after sip and enjoyable by all. Create an experience, when you taste MAVEN.