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Welcome to Maven Coffee Co.

Where the rich aroma of quality coffee meets the warmth of friendship.

MAVEN is not just a coffee company; it's a story born from the shared passion of two friends who became brothers over their love for exceptional coffee.

Picture a late night out, the clinking of espresso martini glasses filled the air. In that moment, aspiring entrepreneur, Juan Carlos Martinez de Aldecoa and renowned Astros pitcher and two time World Series Champion, Lance McCullers Jr., the original founders of MAVEN, envisioned a coffee company that would redefine the standards of excellence in the world of coffee.

Their dream unfolded over the course of that night

— a dream to create a company dedicated to providing not just coffee but an experience. 

MAVEN is the culmination of a shared love for quality and the art of crafting the perfect sip, every time. Inspired by the rich and bold flavors of the product, the duo set out on a mission to bring the same level of sophistication and quality to the hospitality space, making the preparation and creation of hit drinks like carajillos, espresso martinis, coffee mocktails and more, simple without compromising the flavor profile or quality of product. 

Martinez de Aldecoa and McCullers pay homage to the name by considering themselves mavens of their product, a product unlike anything the industry had ever seen before.

After hearing their vision, Blake Fertitta, investor, partner, and life-long friend, knew he needed to embark on this journey alongside his friends. Growing up in the hospitality space, Blake personally observed the challenges of the industry. This propelled him to realized MAVEN was a revolutionary company set to break boundaries and any barriers to entry due to its originality and uniqueness.

MAVEN Coffee Co, stands as a testament to innovation and a commitment to excellence.

What started as a vision has blossomed into a revolution in the F&B industry, redefining the essence of coffee beyond a simple beverage. 

MAVEN is not just a brand but a tribute to its name, symbolizing a necessity and a sensation within the industry. The focus on showcasing the artistry behind coffee craft and delivering unparalleled quality in every bottle sets us apart. Personalization, stringent quality control, and exceptional client service are the pillars upon which MAVEN stands, promising an experience unlike any other in the hospitality industry.

MAVEN Coffee Co. specializes in crafting inclusive coffee products. 

We use triple osmosis filtered water to create our Cold Brew Concentrate. This patented process allows us to articulate robust flavors of chocolate, cherry and notes of baking spices. 

Another benefit of our process is the beautiful foam you see on our shaken cocktails! That heavy concentration allows the highest amount of air to be added to your cocktail - creating the thickest and longest lasting foam for your coffee cocktails while also cutting the preparation time in half.

You can now find MAVEN nationally in Houston, Las Vegas, New York City, and Central Florida, with plans for rapid expansion into numerous other urban hubs. Join us in experiencing the next level of coffee excellence. #drinkmaven

Excellence never sleeps, good thing we make coffee!